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Piano Tuning

Does Your Piano Need Tuning?

If a piano is allowed to stand for long periods of time without tuning, it will go further and further out of tune, and more time and cost will be required to achieve an accurate tuning. Changes in pitch occur in all makes and models of pianos, and environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and longevity of use all have significant roles in your piano going out of tune. In order to get the most out of your piano, it's important to establish a relationship with a local, expert piano tuner who understands the behavior and condition of your piano, and can provide precision piano tuning for the life of your upright or grand piano.

Piano Tuning Procedures

An expert piano tuner will have the expertise and knowledge required to assess your piano's condition, identify the tuning procedures needed, and perform the proper piano tuning methods to achieve the most accurate pitch, tone, and operation.

Piano Tuning - How Often?

On average, your piano should be tuned 1 - 4 times per year depending on the frequency of use, and overall condition.

Request A Piano Tuning Appointment

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